Screen Sharing

The Screen Sharing content block is used to present your desktop view from one of your monitors, or a specific application window, to your audience.

Adding a Screen Sharing Block to the Storyboard

To add a Screen Sharing Content Block to your Storyboard, click the "+" Card in the Storyboard, select the Screen Sharing item, then click Next.

Assigning a Presenter to Screen Share

From here, you will select the Presenter who will be sharing their screen to the audience:

Additional Options

On the final screen, you can set a time to display at the bottom of the screen to show the Organizers and Presenters.

When complete, click the Add to Storyboard button to return to the main Storyboard screen:

Using Screen Sharing

Before you start the Screen Sharing Content block, you must first activate the Screen Sharing Engine via the controls at the lower left corner of the screen:

The first time you activate Screen Sharing, you may be presented with a message asking to install the FLOW Screen Sharing Chrome Extension. This extension is necessary when using Screen Sharing in the Chrome web browser. Please follow the on-screen instructions to install the extension.

An extension is not needed for Firefox, as the Screen Sharing functionality is built into the browser

After installing the extension, you will be asked to confirm what you want to share; your monitor or a specific application window:

After choosing your content, click the Share button to return to your Storyboard.

When you start the Screen Sharing Content Block, either during Prep Mode or a Live Webinar, the shared content (application or monitor) will not show in the content area for you. Instead, you will see the message "Your Screen Is Now Being Shared." You can verify that your screen is being shared by:

  • Checking for this message at the bottom of your monitor being shared:
  • Checking the display at the lower left corner of the screen:

To stop sharing your screen, either click the Stop sharing button in the message window at the bottom of your screen, or click the Screen Sharing icon at the lower left corner to turn it off.

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