Creating or Editing a Webinar Event

To start the creation of a new Webinar Event, click the "+" icon below on the Dashboard. This will start the Webinar Event creation process.

There are five (5) different sections for event creation:


This is the basic information for your webinar, including Title, Description Text, and Date/Time/Timezone
information. This text will show on your Registration Page, so be as concise as possible.

You will also set the approximate duration of the webinar (for calendar scheduling purposes) and when you want your Attendees to join in (either 15, 30 or 60 minutes early), via the "Enter time before event start" setting


Here you will assign Organizer and Presenter access for the Webinar. Your user is added as an Organizer by default, and you can add new Presenters by clicking the “+” card and entering their personal info.

Some notes about Presenters vs Organizers:

  • Organizers can manipulate the Storyboard and use the AV Controls.
  • Presenters can control content blocks that they are specifically assigned to.
  • Presenters and Organizers can be selectively granted permission to use Microphone, Webcam and/or Screen Sharing. If the option is unchecked here, it will be unavailable for them in the Webinar Environment.
  • If you un-check "Display As A Presenter", they will not show up in the Participant List in the Webinar.


This is where you will set your essential room functions. It is very important for you to go over each setting on this page and make sure they are set to your liking.

Standard Options

  • Privatize chat: Allows you to keep chat message from Attendees private, so they can only see their own messages and ones from room Organizers or Presenters.
  • Record webinar: Sets the webinar to record an MP4 Replay which can be viewed after the Webinar is ended.
  • Enable Q&A: Toggling this option allows for the use of the Q&A Content Block during a live webinar. Here, you can choose to hide the questions tab until you launch the Content Block, and also make questions public or private.
  • Custom questions at registration: Allows you to create custom questions to place on your registration page. The answers can be viewed in the Report page before or after your webinar.
  • Track registration sources: Allows you to create custom links to post on specific website or social media outlets. You can track the traffic coming from those links in the Report page before or after your webinar.

Advanced Options

  • Open link at end of webinar: Replaces the generic Flow exit page with a website of your choosing. When the webinar ends, your Attendees* will be redirected to this site.
    *Please note this site will not show for Operators
  • End Webinar Feedback Survey: Allows you to ask for webinar feedback after the webinar ends, via a Star Rating (1-5) and optional Comments.
  • Crop Webcam to Portrait: By default, the Webcam Feed shown during a webinar is cropped to a portrait view that focuses on the center of the picture (usually the Presenter's face). If you want this to be the full width of your webcam's video feed, toggle this option off:

Finalize (NEW FEATURE)

This section will allow you to further customize your webinar's registration and communication materials, like confirmation emails received after registration.

Design Options

  • Banner Image: Allows you to set a Banner Image for your Registration Page. The default image size for these images is 500x218 pixels. Using an image larger than that will allow you to pan and crop the image to a specific section.
  • Banner/Button Color: This allows you to set a custom color for your banner background and the Register button on your registration Page.
    (By default, this color is the one set on your Account Settings page)

Email Options

  • Replace Confirmation Email Body Text: Allows you to replace the default text placed into the Confirmation Emails with your own custom text. This will be a plain-text paragraph near the top of the email, just below your logo.
  • Send Event Reminders: Allows you to set automated reminder emails to be sent to registrants days (up to 3) and/or hours (up to 6) before the start of your event.

Saving your Changes

If you're creating a new event, you can:

  • Save Draft: Saves a draft of the event that can be edited later. This draft is not yet active, and the registration links have not yet been created
  • Publish: This makes the event active and generates all registration and access links needed for your Presenters and Organizers.

If you're editing an event:

  • Push Changes: This commits all changes made to the event and notifies all Organizers, Presenters and Registrants of the changes via email.


This page contains the access links for your webinar, including all tracked registration sources and Presenter/Organizer-specific links.


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