AV Controls

On the left side of the room interface, you will see a section called AV Controls.

This control area allows any Organizer to control the microphone, webcam or screen sharing for a particular organizer or presenter (which we will call an Operator), manually to bring them On Air for any Content Block they are not assigned to, along with other useful controls.

AV Controls Summary

Here is a summary of the basic AV Controls:

  • Show/Hide Presenter Portraits (NEW FEATURE): This toggle allows you to globally show or hide the presenter portraits (for audio only) or webcam video feed on the Presentation Stage.
  • Media Preview: Here, the Organizer can see previews of the Operators' webcam and screen sharing feeds to make sure they are working properly.
  • Microphone/Webcam/Screen Sharing Icons: Clicking any of these will inform the Operator that you want to activate their microphone, webcam or screen sharing, and give them the option to turn them on from that message window:

  • On Air Button: This button makes the corresponding Presenter On Air, meaning that your Attendees can hear them.

Conference Mode

During Prep Mode, the audio and video feeds for the room are in what's called Conference Mode. What that means is the following:

  • Any active microphone feeds are able to be heard by all Presenters and Organizers without being On Air via the Storyboard. This allows for easy communication between Presenters so preparation can be done more efficiently.
  • All video, audio and content feeds are hidden from Attendees. This is usually relevant only when you are close to a webinar start time, and Attendees are allowed to enter.


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