Adding Admins and Presenters

You can create additional users that can access your Flow company account for a variety of reasons:

  • Multiple admins to help create and manage webinars
  • Billing contacts
  • Additional webinar presenters

To create a new user account, click your Profile Icon at the top right of the Dashboard page, and click the Admins item:

Here, you can view any exiting accounts, or you can create a new one by clicking the + icon:

Adding Users

When creating a user, you will first have to enter their email address:

Afterwards, you can enter the user's personal info:

Be sure to enter in First Name, Last Name and Email fields, as they are required.

When complete, click the Add button to invite them to your account. The person will receive an invitation email and a confirmation link so they can set their password:

Any user with an outstanding invitation will be marked as Pending until they confirm their invitation.
You can resend the invitation, if need, by clicking the Resend Invitation link from their User Card.

Once created you can set the user's access level, as described below.

Editing Admins

You can set any user to have varying levels of access to the account, including:

  • Event Creation: Allows user to create, manage and execute webinar events
  • User Management: Allows user to create and manage other user accounts
  • Billing: Allows the user to access billing information for the account

You can also edit any user's information by clicking the Edit link on the User Card.

Deleting Admins

To delete any Admin User, click the X at the top right of their User Card and confirming the deletion:

All Admin User deletions are FINAL and user information cannot be recovered!

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